For one of our Moonlighting shoots – Amanda, William and team won an award for best service and always so friendly.. Well done guys!


WHAT A WAY TO START 2016!!!!!!

Hi Carri!

EVERYTHING IS JUST AMAZING!! Your Craft guys are rocking It, taking such good care of us! Vusi and the guys gave us one of the most amazing lunches i’ve ever had.

So delicious and such variety! What a pleasure to have you guys on board with us!

Can’t wait to come back to work tomorrow to see what you have in store for us!

Kind regards,


The Big Picture


Hi Carri

I am two kilograms heavier, so therein lies your answer:). Sally is to be commended on her work ethic as well as her personal contact with the clients and crew! Her choice of craft is creative and amazing!! She is a diamond.

William was a thoughtful and helpful team leader, thanks Will-I-am.

Thank you Carri for always being willing to step in at a moments notice.


Filmworks South Africa


Hello ladies,

Thanks SOOOO much for the seriously outstanding food you supplied on the job!!

It was truly amazing. And that was acknowledged and said from ALL sides!!

And please say thanks to Vusi and his team!! We love Vusi! He is just such wonderful soul to have around!

And please apologize to him on my behalf that I couldn’t say thanks personally on the last day!!

Please please can you tell him?

Thanks, ladies.

Till the next one 🙂



Hi Carri,

As always your team were absolutely fantastic, and looked after us brilliantly! It really is a superb bunch of people you have working for you, they help us continue to offer our clients the best possible Production Service anywhere in the world, so a huge thanks to you and all your team for everything!

I’m sure we’ll see you and your team again very soon!
Many Thanks

Andre – Steel Productions


Hi Guys,

Well done! Everything was perfect and extremely tasty! The food was amazing and the clients & crew loved the catering and craft teams! Thanks for all your hard work. Please thank Pat and the rest of the kitchen staff too!
Executive Producer
AFS Productions 


7 Films – Ang

This is just a short mail to say thank you very much for everything you contributed on Hansa 3.  We have now shot 4 out of 6 of our Hansa commercials and I could not do my job without you all.


Dear Ladies

Thank you so much for the amazing meals and craft on our shoot. I feel utterly blessed to have had you involved, you made us look so good and I know how tough it was on the budget I gave you.

This will not be forgotten and I hope we will be working together again very soon

Lots of love


Kojak Films


Dearest Alex, Carri and all today’s helpers!

GlenBridgeSchoolThere are few words that can express adequately just how much the Christmas party did for our special kids today, but if anything says it all, one of the children said to her teacher, “today was the best day in my life”.
Yes, today was indeed the cherry on the top for our children, and it will live on in their memories for a very long time to come.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of all the children at GlenBridge.
Much love,
Sharen xxx
Sharen Silbowitz



A shoot with you would never be the same without a closing poem !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“So here we are, again on this road,
Where I feel the need to write an ode,
The path you paved for our little shoot
Was smooth AND pothole-less; to boot
Oh how we appreciate your support and love
Makes it easy to write all of the above.
Hope you got the dailies and maps
If not, I’ll be dishing out slaps.
Our shoot was effortless and totally fab
We got our film off in time for the lab,
We ate good food and had swell crew
The loved the gear and even the loo.
And once again, its all coz of you!!!!!!!!”

A massive thanks to you all.
KISSES and bum slaps.
Send invoices beautiful folks.
Love Ang
Angela Bennett – Production Manager


The catering and team were fabulous , Vusi was a gem they all were lovely , it was super to work with you again. Thank you for everything. Hope you feel better. Lotsa love x Lisa
Lisa Grobler


Hey Lovely Alex

Firstly I just wanted to say how fantastic it was working with your team on Garnier PURE. I had great compliments on the food and from my side the service was great, friendly and professional. Oh and might I just add how great the new uniforms look – makes a nice statement!

Many thanks
nicole ford / productions manager


Hi Alex

The food was GREAT and the crew all enjoyed it. I was especially pleased to see rye bread without having requested it personally. The only problem is that the kgs I lost during winter are climbing back on rapidly! The team was an absolute pleasure to have on set, especially Church, who was full of smiles and love, and Gerald who kept me topped up with coffee!

Kate Kvalsvig


Dear Alex & Justine

A very big thank you to you and your teams for really great food & craft on the Weight Watchers shoot.

The whole crew, director’s team, agency & client were very complimentary about every aspect of the food, craft and service.

We were also incredibly grateful to you for really pulling a great supper & craft out of a hat at 12 noon on Saturday for our reshoot.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to eating your food again soon.

Debbie, Dennis, Valerie & the Rocket crew
Debbie Cornell
Rocket Films Africa
skype: debbie.rocket



Just wanted to say thank you thank, you to you and your great staff. The food was amazing and the crew commented on that. The only bad thing I have to say is that I am dreaming about that damn cheesecake you had on set it was so amazingly lekker all I want know is cheesecake so – curse be on the person who made it (said with love of course)

The staff was great and always smiling. I know it was tough and far away locations and long cold hours but they did well and did it with a smile.

Hope to work with you again soon…

Have a lekker day
minette williams | production coordinator | egg


“Time for my thank you ditty,
[running out of poems that are witty],
A big thank you I must say
On this one, ya’all saved the day,
On day 1, we stood in the rain,
Can you imagine the Production Pain?
Threw my hands in the air,
Why did the weather have to go so pear??
And on day 2, we stood in the sun,
We laughed and cheered and had some fun..
Send invoices, the dreaded recon beings,
Stuff you RAIN, Production WINS!!!!!!!”

…thanks guys, you seriously rock
Love Ang
Angela Bennett – Production Manager
Navigator Films


We have been fortunate to work with Alex and her crew many times of the past few years and find her cooking delicious, wholesome and varied. The clients compliment us on our choice time after time. I cant wait for the next production where I will be looking forward to what is on the lunch menu

Rachel Young
Razor Sharp Films


Hi Alex and Justine, Just want to say…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! As always, you ladies rocked! The food was outstanding. Yum! Please thank Amanda and her team for us. They were super! Looking forward to having you ladies again sometime soon. Regards, Amina

Cape Direct


Hi Alex and Justine Firstly – I would like to say a massive thanks for all the hard work and effort you guys put into feeding us! So appreciated and you cant hold me back when they call lunch. And I hate to admit it (and Amanda will bare witness) – I always have two helpings of veggie sausies for breakfast??? Secondly, I have to compliment you on your staff! Friendly, happy, smiley folks who bend over backwards to assist and help and clear up after us!! Such a pleasure working with people like that! Amanda is such an angel – if I was a millionaire I would set her up in a little house on the hill- with a swimming pool and a Cuban named, Raoul – serving her drinks off a silver platter all day!!! Not a word of complaint or a mention of the fact that they had to be up at 2am for the next job with Navigator..I had to pry it out of her…..I wanted to know when her next job was? Usually when folks are worked hard by us and have to be up early the next morning – its written all over their faces – but not with your guys!!! What an asset to ALEX’S CATERING!! And lastly – I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Angela Bennett
Production Manager
Made in Africa Films


Morning Alex Can only sing praises. The food was amazing!!!!!!!! We also loved our craft team. They are our new favorites…. They looked after us and the crew so well…. Our agency also loved them and wanted to take them home with them. Thanks again for another great shoot. Hugs Shayne

Shayne Brookstein
Navigator Films


Must just tell you the food has been awesome on this job – craft too !!! Everyone has commented on how much they are eating and loving !!! Thanks again for a fantastic job – we honestly will NEVER ever use anyone else.

Nikki Kruger
Producer, Cineworks


Good Morning All!!! I again just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION for helping to put together another amazing and top class event!!! All aspects of the event were thoroughly enjoyed by all !!! A BIG THUMBS UP FROM THE DUNHILL BRAND TEAM & MOST OF ALL….ME!!!

Lee-Ann Sedras
Rainbow Experiential Marketing


To ALL at Alex’s Catering & Craft: A HUGE, HUGE thank you for all the hard work, delicious food and friendly staff on our Kia Motors job! It was a long and difficult job that has been carried out with flair and professionalism under trying circumstances and we thank you all for the effort given. Kindest regards, Candice McKay Production Manager – Kia Motors

Candice McKay
Production Manager
Moonlighting Film Production Services



Good Morning All!!! I again just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION for Hi Alex and everyone else involved in my party Thank you so much for the awesome food and effort that you all put into my party. You all ROCK.

Ashleigh Upton
Moonlighting Film Production Services



Hi Guys, A big thank you for the DELICIOUS lunch!!! It was awesome! The client loved it and so did we – immensely. Fresh, healthy, tasty! Compliments to the chef! xx

Shireen Hattingh
Production Manager


Hi Alex Have to tell you the food was outstanding!! Thank you and your team again! Xxx

Bernice Purdham
Production Manager


Hi Ladies, Literally a one liner – to say how delicious lunch was yesterday on EDF. Also compliments from the crew and the Internationals. Thanks so much!

Catherine de la Harpe
Production Manager


Thank you, Food was great, everything (apart from the weather) was fab The French client took pics of the catering to show them back home. And now to Somerset West and Monday

Gavin McJannet


Dear Justine, A huge thank you to you and your team for fantastic food for the past 11 weeks, it has kept crew spirits high. I hope you all have a very blessed time out over the Christmas period and look forward to facing the new year with renewed energy Your team have been amazing



Hey Alex I just wanted to say that Sam and team have been FABULOUS and the food that you have offered for the budget given has been AMAZING!!! Just a VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM THE GRAY TEAM for helping us on this one. We owe U!!!!

Mitzi Bunce
Production Manager



Thanks Alex & Justine, Always loving working with both of you. Also lovely to meet Church – she & team were fab. She’s my new fav! Am on to Orange from Monday so am sure to be chatting about the next job soon.

Catherine de la Harpe
Production Manager


Dear All, Alexandra and myself would like to extend a big thank you to all the crew who worked on LECLERC FILM. Everyone did a fantastic job and the shoot went very smoothly even though our first day was long and had it’s many difficulties to overcome. Everyone pulled together as a team and it was greatly appreciated. We had a GREAT team – please let them know!!

Shireen Hattingh
Nowhere Else Productions


Thanks gorgeous Alex!! Nope everything was fabulous – thanks so much for a GREAT shoot!!! YOU GUYS ROOOOCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK BBBBAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!! Xx

Mitzi Bunce


Thanks again for everything, Church and the team did a really fantastic job. See you on the next one.

Lauren Seymour


Hi there. Thank you very much for the catering. The Catering team whose team leader was Willard, are by far the best and well mannered staff I have come across. They were well dressed sincere and polite. The food presentation was really great too. To the craft team, if continue to make those great smoothies, I will take them away from you and they can live at my house permanently. Thanks Again

Jacqui Jojo
Production Co-ordinator



Hi Ladies. Just some feedback regarding the Swiss Lotto catering. Our International Crew, Agency and Client raved about the food and the friendliness of the crew on board. ( I also heard a lot of SA crew say that the catering had been great – which as we all know is great compliment as all crew do is complain). I love the new menu’s – they are so much more suitable to our warm days on set. The only problem is though that I have to stop myself from going back for seconds. Thanks yet again for another wonderful shoot with Alex’s and Audreys.

Shayne Brookstein


Okay, so I know that I am always writing this kind of mail at the end of every job, but please know that its important for me to do so……I LOVE YOU FREAKIN’ GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cake (so beautiful)……the catering staff (so beautiful)…..the crafty crafters (so beautiful)….the food (to die for)….the presentation (to die for)……..Church and her smile (to kill for)……those gorgeous craft ladies (to kill for)…..I just love it all to bits!!! ………as for those veggie sausies at breakfast… (I have no words)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless you all, thanks so much and massive hugs, squeezes and kisses to you all

Angela Bennett
Production Manager


Actually Al, I had some salad AND 2 bowls of pud on the 2nd Day!!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahahahahaha…. I love Amanda with all my heart and as for those crafters…oh MY-GOD…they were simply fantastic. Cheerful, smiling all the time, kind, patience and so very very efficient. Shonz says she must have put weight on, on this job (not that I can see….) coz of all the divine food and treats. You guys are the best..and the catering and craft staff are a great team. I am fond of every one of them!!!

Angela Bennett


The last two jobs that my husband has worked on has been Alex’s catering. He keeps coming home reeking of garlic (charming) So when I had a moan at him about it, he said he cant help it – Alex’s catering make really good food. And he usually never eats on set or compliments the catering……

Shayne Brookstein


Hi Alex, Thanks again for the delicious food – I am definitely back on my diet again having gained a bit of weight the last couple of days– that is till the next shoot. Your lentil cakes were absolutely delicious and ta for the recipe…

Shonah Gallichan



Hi Alex. I have a rather serious issue with the catering on the Fitness job. It was too good and I put on 3kg. Tempting me with pecan nut pie is really unacceptable as I can’t help myself and have to have two helpings. So if you can supply salad, brown rice and high fibre food, with no pudding, on the next job, I would really appreciate it. Thanking you in anticipation of fitting in to my clothes again….Nikki 🙂

Nikki Geater
Production Coordinator
Made in Africa Films



Hello. All was superb. Craft was FANTASTIC. Thanks again for an awesome job and look forward to the next job with you.

Laurence Velocity


Hi Alex, The catering and craft was awesome. You guys did a great job.

Laura Tarling


Hi there, I just wanted to thank you guys for the delicious lunches yesterday – even the crew were thrilled (so unusual!). Also wanted to thank you for working with our tight budgets lately. The pressure this season has been incredible from clients to cut costs. Going forward we are trying to hold a better allowance for catering.

Liz Bullpen
Executive Producer


Morning Alex. Can only sing praises. The food was amazing!!!!!!!! We also loved our craft team. They are our new favorites…. They looked after us and the crew so well…. Our agency also loved them and wanted to take them home with them. Thanks again for another great shoot.

Shayne Brookstein


Hi Alex. As usual the staff / food / presentation etc, was divine! God Bless Alex’s Catering and their veggie sausies for breakfast… its without a doubt, the best way for me to start my day – double helpings every morning to the amusement of the lovely Amanda!!!! Thanks so much. Please send invoices through for Carlsberg and the UN Charity job at your earliest convenience..xxx Warm regards and stax of love

Angela Bennett



Darling Alex. Baie dankie kolfyntjies (pure Afrikaans name for cup cake J)! You are always so generous with your delicious surprises! Love you for that and wishing you a wonderful festive season and happy new year! PS# I missed your catering TERRABLY in JHB, did 2 jobs there and catering became a headache! All the best till the new year! Please relay my wishes to Justine and Alicia! xxxxxx

Nadia Boshoff
Junior Producer

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